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How the Flaws in Iran Deal Are Limiting Action to Stop Them from Being a Sponsor of Terror

Iran supporting terror is among the most significant threats affecting the world currently. The essence of Iran deal was to mitigate against this threats. Therefore, the deal had conditions that would reduce Iran supporting terror activities. Some nations saw the limitations of the Iran deal and were against. The supporting countries, however, were eager to implement measures that would prevent Iran from supporting terror. Here is how the flaws in Iran deal are limiting action to stop them from being a sponsor of terror.

Iran being sponsor of terror was a significant concern to the world thus governments used sanctions on trading with Iran. The sanctions are detrimental to any country’s economy making them ideal tools for the deal. Thus to stop Iran from supporting terror other governments would lift the sanctions. Having a time interval in the Iran deal was a mistake. It is only paused the Iran support for terror the given period. Thus, the removing of sanctions will only make Iran economy grow and enhance their capability to make bombs at the end of the deal’s duration. In a way the deal works in favor of Iran supporting terror for allowing them the time to grow their resources.

The other flaw on the Iran deal is it does not provide for inspection by other countries. It is therefore difficult to know whether Iran is keeping their part of the deal. The opponents raise the issue of the ethics of a country that is known for supporting terror. Thus, Iran supporting terror may be still be going on, without the knowledge of other nations. It is possible that Iran is developing nuclear weapons in secret and there is no way of verifying making this a major flaw in the Iran deal.

Iran supporting terror goes beyond the borders of their country. The limitation with Iran deal is it initial concentration was on the internal events. Therefore, Iran may be a sponsor of terror by working with other countries and supporting terrorist groups. The opponents of the Iran deal cites the limitation in regulating Iran’s international relationships. Hence, it is possible that Iran is aiding foreign terror groups and other countries with the title of a sponsor of terror.

Iran being sponsor of terror is something that all governments in the world should worry about. It is essential to take steps to rectify the flaws in Iran deal. Acts of terror results in loss of life, property and destabilizes the country’s economy. Countries need to join forces to fight nations supporting terror.

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